Percy & Mike’s Morris Arboretum Wedding in Philadelphia, PA

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Percy and Mike’s wedding was among my favorites. Beautiful venue. Easygoing vibes. And a clear “I’m really into you” chemistry between the couple. It’s hard to beat that latter quality when capturing love.

The venue that they chose, the Morris Arboretum, is filled with beautiful backdrop after beautiful backdrop, which made it easy to capture Percy and Mike. Not to mention, the playful couple was continuously sneaking in impromptu kisses, which again made the photo process comparably effortless and resulted in some rather nice candids.

Percy and Mike’s wedding day fell on a storm-impending spring afternoon, and halfway into our portrait session, the dark clouds and rumbles began to make their appearance. For the few moments we had before the downpour commenced, we captured some dramatic sky-enhanced portraits to conclude our time before the ceremony. 

From there, the ceremony got underway, followed by a bright and joyful reception.

The two were radiating, and I wish for more of that spirit and love in their life as they continue their future together. Congrats to both of them!

Vendors / collaborators:

Florals: Wildstems 

Cake:  Catering by Amy 

Caterer: Joshua’s Catering 

Ice cream: Weckerly’s

Emily & Anthony’s Garden Wedding at Terrain in Glen Mills, PA

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After shooting Emily and Anthony’s engagement session last year, we became instant friends. The two were on board for spending part of their session up on Philly’s Reading Viaduct, and while we were there, they courageously climbed up onto one of the railroad’s bridge for some rather epic shots. It was a memorable engagement shoot, and only made me look even more forward to their wedding day. 

As expected, the couple’s wedding at Terrain was a blast. The day kicked off at Hotel Monaco, where Emily, a fab food blogger, had a bridal suite’s worth of Dizengoff hummus stocked for her crew of smiling friends. From the hotel, we ventured to an adorable street just off of Rittenhouse Square for the first look. Rather soon after, the street’s fully-bloomed cherry tree began to shed some of its pink blossoms into the wind for a brief, magical second. Cityscape photography, at its best.

The first look led us onwards to Terrain at Styers in Glen Mills, always a favorited venue. Emily and Anthony looked fabulous, and their friends and family were a ton of fun to shoot. We managed to capture a few evening photos after the ceremony, too, just before sunset, and then finished out the night with much dancing, cheersing and overall good vibes.

Wishing Emily and Anthony the best and lots more laughter as they continue their future together!

Hair: Zaneta Leszczynska

Makeup: Lauren McGrath

Flowers: Green Meadows Florist in Chadds Ford

DJ: Walter Breslin of Silver Sound

Cake: Emily’s awesome friend

Erin & Sean’s Intimate Chapel Wedding in New Hope, PA

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Erin and Sean had a quiet, intimate ceremony at St. Philip’s Church in New Hope, PA before having a larger celebration with their group of friends and family.

The chapel was quaint and charming and the perfect space for a ceremony with only your closest loved ones.

Erin and Sean were both incredibly laid-back and full of contagious laughter and smiles. Much of this came through in their photos, evoking emotions of happiness that will last a lifetime.

Although the wedding fell upon a misty April day, the greenery-filled settings of New Hope created a dreamy background to capture the love of these two. 

Wishing Erin and Sean lots more laughter in their future ahead!

Engagement: Casey & Chris

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Casey and Chris’s shoot embodies everything I love about engagement sessions.

Engagement shoots are laid-back (as was this awesome couple). They can include as many elements of the city as you want - i.e. colorful murals, mosaics and urban vine-filled areas just off of South Street.

And they’re able to capture passions and memories that the couple share — things you might not necessarily be able to bring to / capture at the actual wedding — that makes their love so special. 

For Casey and Chris, this meant bringing along their two dogs and swinging by the South Street Bridge. 

Happy, tongues out, ready for puppy-kisses, the dogs were certainly a pleasant and adorable addition to the shoot.

The South Street Bridge marks the spot where Casey and Chris first kindled their love. The two met at a restaurant where they had each previously worked and would ride the same route together home at night along the lit-up South Street Bridge. Bike love, for the win.

I’m looking forward to Casey and Chris’s wedding next year!

Tierney & Efi’s Beautiful Spring Wedding at Philadelphia’s Horticulture Center

Tierney and Efi originally met in Boston through mutual friends but jobs in the editorial industry led them to venture together everywhere from Seattle to their current home in NYC. The two were together for 7 years when they decided to tie the knot.

Both laid-back friends, Tierney and Efi chose a down-to-earth (and I mean that quite literally) wedding venue, which they decorated with tons of adorable DIY details. Held in the beautiful Horticulture Center in Philadelphia, the setting for their wedding day seemed almost surreal. Gorgeous green plants filled the greenhouse interiors of the Horticulture Center, and just steps away outside, the area’s surrounding cherry blossom trees were nearing their peak. It was dreamy and a beautiful backdrop for their love.

Laughter and jokes were in abundance during both the couple portraits and bridal party photos, which made for a fun and lighthearted experience. 

An elegant and memorable excerpt from Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (Love is a Temporary Madness) was read during the ceremony, as were the couple’s handwritten vows. 

This led into cocktail hour where guests were able to take-in all of the DIY details that Tierney and Efi helped to produce for the day. Adorable photos of the couple were strung along the guestbook on a table lined with roses. You’ll see Tierney and Efi dressed as Miss Piggy & Kermit the Frog in one of them, two figures that also topped the “naked”, lightly-frosted wedding cake.

The remainder of the day led into the best kind of unabashed dance party - the kind where all of the girls quickly kick off their heels and everyone starts moving. Tierney switched into a short cocktail dress and her and Efi broke it down.

All in all, a beautiful night and wedding day to capture.

Engagement: Jule & Paul

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Now NYC residents, Jule and Paul originally first met when the two were still in college at the University of Pennsylvania. It was here that we kicked off their engagement session, in front of one of the couple’s favorite buildings, the Fisher library. After a few photos and laughs, we wandered over to a field full of ivy, tucked not too far from our starting point. The couple waded ankle deep into the ivy for some rich, verdant shots. The ground was a little soggy, but Jule and Paul didn’t sweat it, which of course is my kind of couple!

Afterwards, our ventures took us to Old City, but not before driving by one of my favorite mural-lined parking lots (which just so happened to be mostly empty of cars!!). We pulled over quickly for some colorful captures, and then took another quick stop to Franklin Square, where an equally vibrant setting awaited us. The Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival was in the process of getting set up, which made for some bright and unique photos.

The day ended near Race Street Pier, where the trees were blooming and one of my favorite blue buildings lay in the background. We also stopped at Fringe Arts along the way, containing an outdoor beer garden that I’ve been had bookmarked to capture for some time now.

Full of laughs, ideas and an overall laid-back vibe, I’m looking forward to Jule and Paul’s wedding in September!

Engagement: Danielle & Tim

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We wandered around Old City after a quick visit to the LOVE statue in Dilworth Park for Danielle and Tim’s engagement session. It’s amazing what you can capture within just a four or five block radius, especially when you’ve got two lovebirds with you full of laughter and smiles. We got creative at some different spots, taking in both the urban setting that surrounded us and also finding ways to make Philly look like…well, not entirely Philly. One of the highlights, or at least funny memories, from the day was when Danielle accidentally hit the car alarm while her and Tim were doing a quick outfit change. “Hey everyone, we’re naked!” she joked after getting out of the car. Priceless.

Can’t wait till their wedding later this year, as I’m sure more lighthearted moments and laughter will abound.

Lifestyle: Health Coach & Yoga Teacher Emily W.

I always love capturing other fellow healthy food enthusiasts - and Emily is definitely one of them! I was fortunate to try several of her delicious recipes, cooked up for the purposes of this shoot. Yum. Emily is a health coach and yoga teacher living and operating out of Philadelphia. On the side, she runs a food blog entitled Nourishing Matters. It was great to pull elements of all of these areas into one shoot. 

Lush Lifestyle: Bina

I always love lifestyle shoots and the opportunity to draw
out the natural emotion of the person in front of the camera. It’s always
a fun creative challenge to location scout and also to work within limited
spaces. This series was all shot near Waterworks in the Fairmount neighborhood
of Philadelphia. It’s incredible what you can learn to do with small natural
spaces in larger urban places. A shout-out goes out to Bina, who one would never guess has no modeling experience. A pleasure to capture. 

I always love lifestyle shoots and the opportunity to draw
out the natural emotion of the person in front of the camera. It’s always
a fun creative challenge to location scout and also to work within limited
spaces. This series was all shot near Waterworks in the Fairmount neighborhood
of Philadelphia. It’s incredible what you can learn to do with small natural
spaces in larger urban places. A shout-out goes out to Bina, who one would never guess has no modeling experience. A pleasure to capture. 

Engagement: Amber & Luke

Does anything spell out love better than a picnic? Luke surprised Amber with a charcuterie and cheese plate for a great start to this engagement session. Afterwards, we wandered around to some iconic Philly spots, just steps away from where they had their first kiss by the banks of the Schuylkill River. I loved laughing it up with these two goofballs who are full of smiles and jokes. Congrats Amber & Luke - so excited for you two!

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