My Recipe:

  • 2 cups photographer
  • 1/2 cup food blogger
  • 1/3 cup sunlight enthusiast
  • 1/4 cup NatGeo swooned
  • 1 Tbsp. pottery novice

Whiz in a Vitamix. Add a straw and room full of people, and I'm ready to go.

Simply put, I love photography. I dream in photos. Daydream in new visual ideas. Walk around viewing the world through camera frames. And fall in love each day with the joy it can bring to an experience and all of those involved. This passion and enthusiasm comes with me to every shoot and keeps me on my feet. Don’t be surprised to find me in a dress, stomach down on the ground to get the perfect shot, or utilizing your dancing guests’ empty chairs to extend my height as I shoot from above. I like to move, but if I’m doing my job right, you won’t notice me.

Outside of studio and still life work, I take a photojournalist approach to photography, and strive to create a natural and relaxed experience at every shoot. I consider this approach akin to storytelling. For weddings, that means enabling you to actually enjoy your day as all of the details naturally unfold. It also means capturing a story that feels natural and intimate, and that brings back memories of the parts of your day that made it so original. I'm also all about getting creative and will occasionally step away from the candid approach to execute a few fun (and maybe playful) ideas.

I take photography seriously, but life not too seriously. If you want to get silly, let’s do it. I like getting goofy, falling into unexpected situations, DIY projects, rustic settings, and non-traditional love. My clients are a constant source of inspiration, for which I am forever grateful. I’m often taking mental notes on the mason jar centerpieces, story-filled vows, and indie playlists that often fill my couples’ weddings. Each of us is creative in our own way, and sharing in these different outlets with my clients is one of my favorite parts of the experience.

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