Lucy & Andrew’s Old City Engagement Session in Philadelphia

Lucy and Andrew’s engagement session was on one of those beautiful, warm spring evenings that I’ve been longing for ever since. The sun was golden and we had so much fun playing in it on the many quaint streets that are hidden within Old City.

We started off at the Magnolia Gardens where, while the magnolias were already long gone, the azaleas were just reaching their prime. From there, we followed the sun to some other floral-filled nooks, to walls covered in vines and to random stoops bedecked in color and character. 

We ended at Headhouse Square, a favorite spot of Lucy and Andrew’s (and mine too, when the farmer’s market takes over each Sunday!) before departing ways. 

It was good to explore the area with these two, and I’m looking forward to November when we’ll change neighborhoods and move to South Philly for their wedding at The Bok!

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