Jule and Paul’s Fun Farm Wedding at Lauxmont in Wrightsville, PA

When Jule walked out in a red dress, I knew it was going to be an awesome day. And it was.

Jule and Paul’s wedding undoubtedly deserves two (or three, if that’s possible) thumbs up! The couple’s chemistry shines through in every photo of the day and their comfortableness both with each other and just with the day in general put everyone around them at ease and in high spirits.

Laughter abound, as did plenty of lighthearted goofiness. Both Jule and Paul aren’t afraid to get a little silly nor look a little silly - that goes for with each other, with their friends and even with me, their photographer. As a result, if there was one word to sum of the essence of their day, simply stated, that word would be “fun”. 

Jule and Paul did their wedding right. They had fun. And lots of it. Sure, I’m certain tons of planning and likely some stress went into it, but no sign of any anxiousness showed up on their day. They simply let loose and acted purely as themselves - a couple in love and at ease with one another.

We had fun wandering around Lauxmont Farm’s property, a countryside venue where at night you can hear the crickets and see the stars. You can’t beat the romance of a venue out in the middle of nowhere. A table full of pies and a sparkler exit concluded this magical day.

Wishing Jule and Paul plenty more days full of endless fun to come!

Venue: Lauxmont Farms

Planner: Simple Soiree (Jodi)

Florist: Weddings and Blooms

Officiant: Steve Lewis

Hair: Anna Cafone

DJ: T-Rex 

Band: The Bailsmen 

Caterer: The Scarlet Runner  

Rentals: La Lucia Boutique 

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