Jackie and Austin’s PA Countryside Engagement Session

I was super psyched when Jackie asked me to be in her wedding next year! After shooting tons and tons of weddings, it always feels extra special to take a Saturday off and attend one as a guest. And it’ll be even extra special as a bridesmaid!

Since I won’t be shooting J’s wedding, it felt like an honor when she asked if I’d shoot her and Austin’s engagement session. The two have been dating for 10+(!) years, originally meeting back in grade school, soon after beginning a relationship as friends and eventually kindling an everlasting romance. 

Ever since I’ve known them, Jackie and Austin have been embarking on hiking adventures, road trips, backpacking excursions and all other awesome getaway situations you could imagine, hand-in-hand, in the good company of one another.

I find that shared sense of adventure really special, so I tried to instill a glimmer of it into their engagement session. From taking a quick pit stop along the side of the road to take in a view (which this couple has done many, many times) to going on a mini-hike in the woods, together we tried to capture the spirit of their relationship in photo form. And of course, that meant taking in many laughs and natural chemistry, too.

So excited for these two and all the fun that lays ahead! Looking forward to being there when they tie the knot next July!

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