Engagement: Jule & Paul

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Now NYC residents, Jule and Paul originally first met when the two were still in college at the University of Pennsylvania. It was here that we kicked off their engagement session, in front of one of the couple’s favorite buildings, the Fisher library. After a few photos and laughs, we wandered over to a field full of ivy, tucked not too far from our starting point. The couple waded ankle deep into the ivy for some rich, verdant shots. The ground was a little soggy, but Jule and Paul didn’t sweat it, which of course is my kind of couple!

Afterwards, our ventures took us to Old City, but not before driving by one of my favorite mural-lined parking lots (which just so happened to be mostly empty of cars!!). We pulled over quickly for some colorful captures, and then took another quick stop to Franklin Square, where an equally vibrant setting awaited us. The Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival was in the process of getting set up, which made for some bright and unique photos.

The day ended near Race Street Pier, where the trees were blooming and one of my favorite blue buildings lay in the background. We also stopped at Fringe Arts along the way, containing an outdoor beer garden that I’ve been had bookmarked to capture for some time now.

Full of laughs, ideas and an overall laid-back vibe, I’m looking forward to Jule and Paul’s wedding in September!

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