Engagement: Casey & Chris

Casey and Chris’s shoot embodies everything I love about engagement sessions.

Engagement shoots are laid-back (as was this awesome couple). They can include as many elements of the city as you want - i.e. colorful murals, mosaics and urban vine-filled areas just off of South Street.

And they’re able to capture passions and memories that the couple share — things you might not necessarily be able to bring to / capture at the actual wedding — that makes their love so special. 

For Casey and Chris, this meant bringing along their two dogs and swinging by the South Street Bridge. 

Happy, tongues out, ready for puppy-kisses, the dogs were certainly a pleasant and adorable addition to the shoot.

The South Street Bridge marks the spot where Casey and Chris first kindled their love. The two met at a restaurant where they had each previously worked and would ride the same route together home at night along the lit-up South Street Bridge. Bike love, for the win.

I’m looking forward to Casey and Chris’s wedding next year!

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