Baby Shoot: Amelie’s 1-Year Birthday!

Interrupting wedding season here real quick to feature this adorable baby shoot.

I had the pleasure of doing some newborn photos for this little lady, and one-year later, had the opportunity to capture her cuteness again. 

As the location for Amelie’s birthday shoot, we chose the East Passyunk Singing Fountain, a neighborhood spot that together Amelie and her parents visit quite often. 

The highlight was without a doubt watching Amelie devour her very first birthday cake. Just minutes before, an elderly lady walking by on the street stopped to look Amelie in the eye, and sweetly tell her how much there is out there in the world to experience and explore. “You have so much in front of you to experience,” she told Amelie.

After the woman left and as I was watching Amelie experience a chocolate cupcake for the first time ever, that statement really hit me. Wow, the beauty of being a kid and all of the novelties that come with it…and yet, there’s still so much left for us all to explore in this world.

With icing smeared all down her face and not a care in the world, I was able to capture a moment of true bliss.

Needless to say, it was a priceless shoot and I am so happy I was able to be a part of Amelie’s one-year. Looking forward to watching her continue to grow! And wondering what kind of cake experience will come next year…

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