Anna & Dave’s Philly Urban Wedding at the Cira Centre

Anna & Dave had a true pre-wedding Fishtown experience. The guys relaxed at La Colombe while the girls got ready at Anna and Dave’s house just a few blocks up the street. Afterwards, we ventured around the neighborhood to spots such as the Bicycle Stable and underneath the classic Market-Frankford El, before heading to JG Domestic at the Cira Centre. Anna and Dave were a joy to work with, and also proved to be experts on the dance floor. Not afraid to get a little silly, these two created a super fun experience for everyone who attended. Dave rocked out in Batman socks the entire wedding while Anna slid into some white Converses for the reception. Together, they snuck to the upstairs of JG Domestic to close out the night with a casual chest bump and one last dreamy view of the city.

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